Jack Ready is a painter and photographer who specializes in portraits, as well as oil on canvas. He co-founded Loophole Media   with a group of fellow Santa Clara University students, and will be graduating in the spring with a double major in Studio Art and Political Science.


Artist Statement:


I aim to visually represent the inner uniqueness of each of my subjects through traditional oil painting techniques. My work depicts detailed portraits of my closest friends - my strong relationship to the subjects inspire my technical choices and dictate how I choose to represent them. The larger than life size scale and close-up perspective create an intimate viewpoint encouraging the viewer to engage the subject.

I apply a grisaille layering technique in my paintings to create a unique portrayal and allude to the layered emotions and characteristics behind each face. Grisaille is a classical method of creating a monochromatic underpainting and layering color on top. This method produces the illusion of depth and allows me to build a detailed and highly rendered portrait. This is important because the details and unique characteristics in each face give the viewer a familiarity with each person.

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