Frequently Asked Questions




Can I send in items to get dyed?


Unfortunately we've had a couple issues with this in the past and had to discontinue the practice. Lusid Dream supplies all materials. If there's something you want tie dyed that you don't see available though, don't hesitate to ask! We're happy to find what you're looking for and give you a price quote!


Are there special washing instructions?


Most items just need to be washed with like colors and a detergent without bleach or bleach alternative, then put into the drier on low heat. It's especially important that dyes go straight into the drier after they're done in the wash on the first few cycles; if dyes sit wet for too long, they may bleed slightly.

Delicates, or anything made of rayon, silk, cotton gauze, or canvas, or any items that say "hand wash" on the tag, should be hand washed in cold water, or washed in a mesh bag in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, again with cold water. Delicate items should be hung to dry or laid flat.

Delicates include thigh high socks, bags, and hats.


What if I don't like the way my item fits?


Have no fear! For any item that doesn't fit how you wanted, (except underwear!), you can exchange your item or return it for store credit. To get your exchange or store credit, simply notfiy us by email ( within 3 days of receiving your item, and send your dye back to us. As long as we recieve it in the condition we sent it in, you're good to go! Unfortunately, we can't cover the shipping costs for returns, so you will need to re-pay the shipping cost if you need to exchange your item or purchase something else.


Am I getting the exact item pictured or just something similar?


Unless the item title contains "MTO" (Made to Order), you're getting the exact item shown in the picture.


What does "MTO" stand for?


In case you missed it in the previous question, MTO simply stand for Made to Order, meaning that the actual item pictured is just an example of a previous dye that already sold, so we'll do our best to re-create the item you want in the colors or size you want it inl


What if I want an item/design that's not available in my size or the colors I want?


Because there are so many different variations, color schemes, and items, and we're always trying to come up with new ones, we can't keep every design in every size in stock. We can, however, ROUGHLY re-create most of the designs you see in the Shop and Gallery pages. You can also get variations of designs you see, or submit your own ideas for custom orders! Some designs can be more exactly duplicated than others, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!


How long will my order take to ship?


Custom orders and anything made to order (MTO) take 3 to 5 weeks from the date of payment until they're ready to ship (and come with a satisfaction guarantee! details on the "Custom Orders" page), and anything that's pre-made or already available ships within 3 business days.


If I live in or near Santa Clara, can I come pick up my order instead of paying to ship it?


You certainly can! unfortunately, we're still working on incorporating that option into the shopping cart, so if you'd like this option, just mention it in the comments section when you order, and we'll refund the shipping charge in cash when you come pick up your item!


An item was posted a recently on Instagram or Facebook but I don't see it anywhere in the Shop, why so?


Many of the items posted are custom orders, meaning they're already sold before they're created. Also, sometimes see an item posted and immediately purchase it, so it's possible that someone beat you to the punch. A third and final possibility, is that we upload ALL new items to the shop at once, but then schedule our social media posts over time, so someone may have already purchased the item directly from the shop before the item was posted to facebook or instagram. If the item you wanted is already gone, however, we do take custom orders here


How do I get into the Satisfied Customers photo gallery?


Just send in your best photos of your Lusid Dream tie dyes in action via! Be sure to send in crisp clear photos, ideally of you doing something fun in your tie dye! We can't post everything we recieve, but we'll at least consider every photo we see!